A one time visit to our Doctors
  can eliminate your urges and cravings to smoke.

  This treatment works where others fail because we
  administer medications that go into effect immediately
  and block your urges and cravings to smoke.

  Much like eating when you are hungry, the food goes
  directly to your stomach and stops the hunger.

  These medications go directly to the parts of the body
  affected by nicotine and stop your cravings.
Since the introduction of nicotine into Europe by the Spaniards in the 1700's, there has been
little that medical science has had to offer for effectively dealing with nicotine addiction. These
attempted control devices have included hypnosis, acupuncture, aversion therapy, nicotine
replacement systems, antidepressants and a variety of herbal solutions. All of these have had
little, if any, therapeutic efficacy and recidivism has been generally high.

The challenge with nicotine addiction is that the psychological side is reinforced by the physical
need for nicotine. Rational thought is compromised when physical cravings occur. This comes
about by nicotine's interference with certain nerve transmitters. Nicotine is similar chemically to
the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. When nicotine competes for receptor sites, the body tries to
overcome this phenomenon through the process of tolerance.

Our clinics are medical facilities dedicated exclusively to the treatment of Tobacco Dependency
Disorder. A team of specially trained physicians and healthcare professionals use the latest
and most effective smoking cessation techniques available to help patients overcome the smoking

Non-Nicotine Based
Unlike nicotine-based smoking cessation products such as the patch or gum that keep putting
highly addictive nicotine back into the smoker's body, our Anticholinergic Block Method
replaces the effect that nioctine has in the body and allows the body's chemistry to revert back
to that of a non smoker. Our philosophy is that it is difficult enough to break the addiction
cycle without introducing more nicotine into the body. So, rather than using toxic nicotine,
We break the addiction cycle by using non-addictive and medically safe medications (i.e.,
atropine & scopolamine) that block nicotine receptor sites and are easily administered in one

Eliminates Symptoms
The urge and temptation to continue smoking often remain strong while using other treatment
methods involving pills, patches and pharmaceuticals. It is the chemically based withdrawal
symptoms of lightheadedness, irritability and cravings that weaken a smoker's resolve to quit.
By blocking nicotine receptor sites, our Anticholinergic Block Method virtually eliminates
these tormenting withdrawal symptoms, giving the smoker who wants to quit a better than eight
out of ten chance of succeeding. This puts our approach head and shoulders above any
over-the-counter or other prescribed medication.

Psychological Treatment
Our clinics use a streamlined behavioral modification approach as part of its program. The specific
steps have been developed over 15 years and combine the best components of many standard
behavioral practices. This strategy was developed uniquely for smoking cessation. It is easy for
patients to understand and apply in their everyday lives. The results are patients that actually
enjoy becoming non-smokers.

Startling Results
It is a combination of eliminating the desire for nicotine and replacing the emotional habit that
makes our treatment indispensable for patients who are serious about quitting smoking.
Statistically, this treatment protocol has the highest rate of success with the lowest rate of
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